Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to become an established multinational corporation of substance and a preferred provider of integrated engineering, especially in telecommunication solutions. We are committed to provide our customer both in the public and private sectors with the highest standards, cost effective product and services. Through our dedicated and trained employees, we will strive to become leading expertise in the country. In the IT, telecommunication and hi-tech industries

Our Mission is to provide total engineering solutions in the telco industry which contribute to nation building and achieve preferred status by performing work of outstanding value which satisfies our client’s requirements and specifications, fulfill our employee’s nee ds for job satisfaction and upholds the interest for integrity, safety and environmental sensitivity.

Our Policy is to understand and continuously satisfy our client’s

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requirements. We will:

  • Continuously improve our business process.
  • Strive to achieve reliable and quality service.
  • Enhance client relationship thus improve service.
  • Maintain an effective quality management system.
  • Understand and apply the best available technolo gy in engineering.
  • Ensure all staff is competent for their tasks.
  • Ensure safety steps are providing in site.
  • Encourage all personnel to contribute for our continued success.

Quality Objective

  • To meet the requirements of our client by upgrading the quality of our services targeting at zero complaint.
  • To Improve the competency, alertness and effectiveness of our resources by completing the training as required by the client.
  • To become a leader among JKH’s contractors by targeting at first rating on merit system.